too punk.
I'm Juliette.
I love making things grow and hardcore/poppunk. Studying environmental policy/molecular bio/climate activism. Good food and good friends are the main ingredients to happiness.

I see so many posts saying something along the lines of “eat whatever you want! It’s your body! Fuck what other people say! Weight doesn’t define beauty!” And yes, those are said with good intentions, but I think as a society we don’t put enough into educating our youth on the benefits of healthy eating…

There’s a lot more to food than weight gain and loss.

When I eat fast food, I will promptly wake up at 5am that night (or I guess next morning) with such stomach pain that I have to throw up. I also tend to feel more depressed when I eat highly processes foods. My mind isn’t as clear, I’m not as motivated to do things, I’m just not as quick as when I’ve eaten clean and healthy meals.

It’s also really important because food eduction will literally be important your entire life.. And it’s really cool too, so many cultures have amazing cuisine and traditions that go along with their traditional foods, and once you understand the common traits and ideas that go into eating right it opens a whole new world for you to learn about! That goes from the worlds cultures and food traditions, where and when certain foods grow, agriculture.. The list goes on and on!

Weight seems like the least important part of knowing your foods, changing your diet could brighten your whole world, so get educated yo

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